Travel Wide

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a lonely tree
surrounded by hills
the sun shines strong
the wind is turning the mills
a flock of birds is dancing
while i’m passing by
the form of clouds is changing
in the blue sky
big white mountains 
appear in the distance
sleeping old giants
in their timeless existence 
(timeless existence)
clocks stop ticking 
and i start to feel free 
(start to feel free)
ready to live 
(ready to live)
ready to see

travel wide
it can open your mind
and fill up your soul
travel wide
discover the secrets of this
beautiful world
travel wide
it’s time to chill out
it’s time to let yourself go
travel wide
being part of something
being part of the whole

the sky is so clear
snowy fields the cold river between
the sun so pale
a cold breeze 
trough calm waters i sail
the wind is blowing softly
it is stroking my face
the horizon is changing colours
painting all over the place
walking here 
(walking here)
walking there
(walking there)
a singing is floating
trough the air
walking here 
(walking here)
walking there 
(walking there)
see all my troubles
blown away



The Power of Words

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hit the street as one
we’re gonna fill all the squares in the city
hit the street as one
face to face with the rulers of the country
hit the street as one
we’re gonna brake the foundation of this tower
hit the street as one
when the time has come
to get ready

reach the day
when the tyrants will be falling
reach the day
a new dawn goes up
it is calling

will always retain their power
and where the baton silences the words
we speak louder x2
let them hear your voice 
on the streets and protest
no matter where you come from
north, south, east or west
they will always try to tell you
that they really know best
one lie after another 
coming from an empty chest
take them away from this spot
from the seats of the government
there is no reason to go on with such treatment
they always want us to be slaves of they judgment
but we say no!
it is time for revolution


hit the street as one
we’re gonna fill all the squares in the city
hit the street as one
face to face with the rulers of the country


Twisted Roads

feat. Andrew I

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walking on twisted roads
asking yourself, how to live
where to go
many things past and gone
many things are still to come
things you have to face on this way
you don’t have to run

many times i just find myself
on the edges of my mind
walking down a path between
wrong and right
all the roads are twisting
there is no where to hide
my days are getting shorter
passing trough a long night
feels like i’ve been dropped back
starting again from the beginning
reaching a new perception
from the deepest of my feelings
having doubt of myself
what i do what i’ve done
the road is changing so fast
i don’t know where to run

andrew seh no talkin’
no walkin’ now down di roads
no chat back people
bun a bun di vampaya soul
no impostor no informer
pon di twisted roads
no untold stories
my nightmares no worrisome


andrew seh no talkin’ 
no walkin’ nowdown di roads
no chat back people
bun a bun di vampaya soul
no impostor no informer
pon di twisted roads
no untold stories
my nightmares no worrisome
no badda dan dem to eliminate
man who just talk spanglah  
god a god pon di cab
me call u driver!!
ocean view girl 
waan sell out too “lobster”
really g’s the gangsters 
against the don “captive” gangsta
sisiphos get to the point
like true rasta
andrew seh so!!!



Deep sleep

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what’s going on with you
you look different
your face is dark
and indifferent
years have changed you
you are…
you’re not the same
you look like 
captured by deep sleep
you’ve been told
what to do
you’ve been told 
what to be
and if you were doubting
you’ve been told what to think
you’ve been told what to dress
you’ve been told how to live
but they say that you’re free
chained to a life you hate
always waiting for the next day
you are the shadow of your soul
even the mirror can’t tell you 
who you are
how could you get so far
how could you lose yourself in this
how could you lose 

day by day you’re loosing
all your people
all your friends
you wish you could go back
and now you understand
deep inside you screaming
when you’re searching for help
but no one will be there
they can’t remember who you were
there won’t be time to repair
all the misery 
all bad actions
and disease
so the day has come
where you have to face
all you’ve done

what’s going on with you
life is passing by 
and you just stay there
you say that’s the way things go
and you can’t change it
a heavy weight on your shoulders
is crushing you
the coldness of your heart
is freezing you
you are giving up
every thing that was you
you’re just standing there
but i’m talking to you
and you just stay there
and you just stay there
and you just stay there




feat. Mellow Mood

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the road that i walk on
looks no so secure
further than any distance
where nothing can be sure
the night is getting darker
but soon it will end
the light of a new dawn comes

in this life you have to know
how to rule your destiny
so just go for it
you’re the one who stands strong
in your soul
find a way to rule your destiny
don’t let it control you

tutto può succedere
vuoi sapere una ragione?
i giorni si consumano
ore dopo ore
corri corri seguendo 
il flusso del tempo
parto mi perdo 
ci penserò
segui segui 
la scia di ogni momento
e un’altra strada ancora
corri corri seguendo 
il flusso del tempo
parto mi perdo 
ci penserò
segui segui 
la scia di ogni momento
e un’altra strada ancora

bass line tek it easy now
watch di movie from a new sight
life easy go
flesh yeh flesh dis a wi prison now
though yuh cyaan
separate it from your spirit now
here comes sisyphos,
here comes di general,
dis is pupa mellow 
wid di microphone stand
cyaan stop di revolution
if a so we tan
tell dem dutty bastard 
fi move and galang



slow riddim express

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take a fruit from the music tree 
(from the music tree)
make a jump in the blue sea
(in the blue see)
take the flow of a new beat 
(riddim’ is life)
let your mind travel freely
ready to leave from this spot
to nowhere 
where i can climb trough the clouds
on an endless stair
far away
there’s a train on the railroad
and i’m shouting 
take my where

every thing moves
in slow motion
each note is turned into
it’s the slow riddim 
getting to your brain
it’s the slow riddim
flowing trough your veins
it’s the slow riddim
getting you on this train
it’s the slow riddim
driving us insane

vorsicht an den gleisen
unser zug fährt ein,
wir begeben uns auf reisen
hast du lust dabei zu sein
dann steig’ doch ein
und lass dich von uns entführen
du musst nur bereit sein
diesen rhytmus zu spüren.
und wenn die lok 
sich erst ‘mal in bewegung setzt
dann gibt es gar nichts
was sich uns’rem zug entgegensetzt 
und er nimmt dich mit 
in eine andere welt
in der dir plötzlich alles
sehr viel leichter fällt



no more fear

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ich kann nicht aufhören dich anzusehen
und trotzdem trau ich mich nicht 
ran zu gehen
ich weiß nicht was es ist doch es ist angenehm
drum sag ich dankeschön

es tut so gut die dinge mal entspannt zu sehen
ich lehne mich zurück und mach’s mir ganz bequem
und plötzlich funktioniert alles im handumdrehen
und ich sag dankeschön

see you shine away my shadow
(when you laughing at me my love)
and you smile away my tears
(just tell me i want to know)
inside of me there’s no more struggle
(tell me to stay and i’ll never go)
inside of me there’s no more fear

oh sexy lady come and treat
me right
i’m like hot boiling water
when you hold me tide
steam is coming out of my ears
i want you here by my side
i’m the best lover
you can meet in life

it feels nice
i know that you will be mine
every time that i see you
it feels like the first time
touching your hair
kissing your lips
is something sublime
you’ re the best thing in life
i could ever find


du hilfst mir wieder meinen weg entlang zu gehen
nachdem ich fast ertrank wieder an land zu stehen
das fühlt sich so gut an ich könnt mich dran gewöhn’
drum sag ich dankeschön

in deine augen schauen und deine hand zu nehmen
und meinen weg ein stück mit dir zusammen zu gehen
das ist es worum sich meine gedanken drehen
und ich sag dankeschön




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ich hab’ es satt
ständig auf der flucht zu sein
ich hab’ es satt
ständig opfer meiner sucht zu sein
ich hab’ es satt für euch zu singen,
wenn die wenigsten mich hören
ich hab es satt mich zu verstellen
um dazu zu gehören

ich hab’ es satt zu kämpfen,
ohne eine besserung zu seh’n
ich könnt’ noch lauter schreien
man wird mich trotzdem nicht versteh’n
und so bin ich in diesem spiel
nur eine schachfigur
und ich komm’ da nicht mehr raus
oh mann was mach’ ich nur?
ich hab’ es satt mich zu verstecken
und fassade vorzuspielen
und manchmal wird mir diese
maskerade echt zu viel
und dann besinn’ ich mich
und ich verschaff’ mir klarheit
mit musik denn dort
find’ ich ein bisschen wahrheit

fed up with these crimes
feel fed up of this life
no matter where i go
i feel fed up in these times
nobody wants to listen 
to the voice in their mind
nobody wants to see
maybe i’m wasting my rhymes

fed up with life
and the way things are going
turn take a look around
and see how everyone’s exploiting
i’m crying out loud
there’s no care and no love
can someone explain
what’s going on, on this earth
don’t look at me
like i’m crazy in my mind
like i’m the one who can’t see
and you’re the one who knows right
one day you’ll realize that you did not succeed
you’re not so good
as you’ve been thinking to be



stone of dread

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you wake up every day
you’re doing meaningless tasks
you’re pushing high till the top
but every time the stone drops
and it still keeps falling
deep in your heart 
you’re calling
but you won’t wake up
you have to live without being a slave
to yourself
ride on the height of a new wave
in this life it’s not only about gain
the rope is breaking
but you try to stay

ref. x2
the stone keeps falling
from the top to the ground
pushing till the end of time
cause the reason is still to be found
higher than all heights

you want to reveal every mystery 
but there is nothing to reveal
you want to succeed in every thing
even thou you have to steal
is a sickness in your mind
but you must try to heal
before the stone smashes you down 
come back to what is real
for so long blinded
of what you’ve seen
you have start over again
and  wake up yourself  now
you have to understand
there are other roads to be found
trivial concerns are to blow off 
in your mind
wake up yourself
stop living in lie

ref. x2



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echoes inna distance
telling stories of lives now lost
echoes inna distance
telling stories about terrible wars
echoes inna distance
created by falling stones
echoes inna distance
you better listen if you want to know

it is time for us
to be aware 
of what is happening 
stop closing our eyes
see reality for what it is 
so much people around the world
keep on suffering 
is it so hard for us
to give a little bit and share


without hope in their hearts
they walk
with the wind against them 
they walk
dying people all around 
but they walk
only destruction 
but they keep on walking x2

echoes in the distance x2