Sisyphos is one of the most interesting emerging Reggae bands of Europe. This group stands out with its unique and stylistically open dub sound which gets under your skin.

The band was awarded best Italian and second best European Reggae band in the European Reggae Contest 2013 and thus confirmed its popularity and potential.

The new album “Travel Wide” fulfills the high expectations which were raised by the winning of the award. The aspiration to quality is realized in every detail. Songwriting, production and graphics go hand in hand and guarantee that the musical power of “Travel Wide” works on all levels of sensorial experience.

The sound of Sisyphos draws inspiration from almost every type of the Reggae lexicon with some interesting musical innovations. Jazz drenched horn harmonies on a powerful dub-roots rhythm-section  encounter a variety of electronic sounds, echoes and delays driven by strong vocals and a three-voice polyphony. The well-written lyrics in three different languages (English, German and Italian) display their multicultural identity and spread a strong universal message.

Their fi­rst Album called “Borderclash” was published in 2009. In 2011 they published their ­first EP “Deep in the Music” in collaboration with Paolo Baldini, one of the best Italian Reggae producers. During the production of this EP a new style came into being. The increasing integration of electronic elements and the improving technical skills of the band led to the creation of a new musical concept. A series of concerts around Europe followed and set the scene for their new album “Travel Wide”. Again the collaboration with Paolo Baldini prooved to be the right one!


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